Our History


The Mendham Methodist Church was founded in 1828. It has a rich heritage and has been an integral part of the Mendham community for 195 years.  Historically, its first sermon was preached at the Ralston School House and between 1828-1833 sermons were preached in an open field during the summer months and a member’s home in the winter.  The first church was a frame building built in 1883 at the current site. This site was purchased in 1883 along with the adjacent home which is the parsonage. The frame church was sold in 1891 to the then Township of Mendham and moved to be used as a town hall.  Later it became the Fire House and is still incorporated into the existing fire house as it stands today. The current church building that exists today was built in 1893 in the Richardsonian Romanesque Style and is a key building in the Borough of Mendham Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

From its beginnings, the Mendham Methodist church has a history of supporting its fellow Methodist Churches as well as ecumenical partnership with other local Mendham churches; and being active in the community participating and supporting community events. It is a member of Mendham Faith Leaders. It annually partners with Hilltop Presbyterian Church, Lutheran and Episcopal Churches on a joint Lenten Service as well as other programs with local churches.   As far back as 1863 the church helped support the Pastor’s wages for the fledgling Walnut Grove Methodist Church. It has always provided support to other Methodist churches throughout its 145-year history and today provides support to the Morris Koren Methodist Church by providing pastor housing in its parsonage.

The Church has always participated in outreach missions to help those less fortunate.  Members volunteer annually and assist the Mendham Faith Leaders with the town wide Thanksgiving Food donations for  the Interfaith food pantry. The church works on ministries for Seniors, Battered Women, Children, Shoes for the Needy,  Victims of Violence and environmental concerns.  The church participates in the Mendham Community wide Mendham Fest, Labor Day Parade Festivities and Holly Trail . 


Dongkue Jee

Dongkue Jee

Senior Pastor

Dongkue Jee was born and raised in South Korea. He holds an M.Div from Methodist Theological School in South Korea, as well as a Master of Church Ministries from Perkins School of Theology in Dallas, Texas. He is currently serving at Morristown Korean UMC and will continue to do so in his new appointment. Dongkue is passionate about preaching, teaching, and nurturing ministries. He and his wife Jooree have two sons, Moses and Phillip. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with family and friends.